Moving Boxes

Thank you for visiting our online store. Here you can choose among a great variety of strong and reliable packing materials.

Please note: We currently ship and deliver ONLY to addresses in London and its vicinity within M25.

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Handy Moving Box

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Handy Moving Box £3.00

Small Box

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Small Box £3.00

Short Box

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Short Box £3.00

Large Box

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Large Box £4.00

Long Box

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Long Box £4.00

Tall Box

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Tall Box £4.00

Tall Wardrobe Box

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Tall Wardrobe Box £11.00

Short Wardrobe Box

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Short Wardrobe Box £10.00

Archive Box With...

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Archive Box With Lid £2.50

Computer Box

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Computer Box £6.00

Picture - Mirror...

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Picture - Mirror Box £4.00

Slim Box

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Slim Box £5.00